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1 2 Dec 2016 Hugh McLain Added new membership category of “Senior Youth” to Section 3.

 Added details of registration fees to Section 7.

 Update Committee members in Section 11.

AGM 27 Nov 2016


  1. Name

1.1  The name of the Club shall be Dublin Cliffhangers Climbing Club, Hereinafter referred to as the Club.


  1. Objectives of the club

2.1  To facilitate and increase the enjoyment of mountaineering activities by members of the Club.

2.2  To act as the collective voice of Club members.

2.3  To assist in the work of the Mountaineering Ireland aimed at maintaining access to, conservation of and protection of the cliff and mountain environment.

2.4  To encourage club members to train to be capable of ensuring their own safety in the mountain environment.

2.5  To make information on responsible use of the mountain environment available to club members

2.6  To promote the Mountaineering Ireland’s Children Policy, and the Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children, with the club.


  1. Membership of the club

3.1       Club Membership is open to youth members (under 18 years) who provide written consent to their membership from their parents or guardians. There are two Categories:

  1. Youth – must be supervised by a Parent/Guardian on all Club activities and Meets
  2. Senior Youth, aged 16 – 18 years – Parent/Guardian can sign Mountaineering Ireland forms to allow other Club adults to supervise.

3.2       Club Membership is open to adult members (over 18 years) who are:

  • Parent(s) of a youth member(s) or
  • a graduate youth member of the Club or
  • a coach appointed by the Club Committee

3.3       Membership of the Club shall only be open to who have completed the required assessment, see Membership Assessment Criteria document.


3.4       Membership of the Club shall only be open to individuals who recognise that Hill walking and Climbing are activities with a danger of personal injury or death. Members shall be aware of and accept these risks and agree to be responsible for their own actions and involvement.


  1. Management of the club

4.1  The club will be controlled by its members acting in General Meeting. One of these meetings will be the Annual General Meeting at which Officers of the Club will be elected.

4.2  Management of the Club between General Meetings shall be entrusted to the elected committee, who must act in accordance with the Constitution and the Rules of the Club. They may make decisions on matters not covered by Constitution or Rules but these must be approved by the next General Meeting.


  1. Officers of the club

5.1  The Officers of the Club shall be elected by the members at an Annual General Meeting and shall be the Chair, the Secretary, the Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Club Children’s Officer, Meets Officer and others officers, such as Training Officer, Environmental Officer – Training Officer – Equipment Officer etc., as required.

5.3  Officers are eligible to serve a term of two years on the club committee.  After a term of two years Officers must step down.  If an Officer wishes they may seek re-election to either the same role or another role on the Committee but they may only hold the same office for no more than two consecutive terms. 


  1. Committee of the club

6.1  The Chair of the Club will normally preside at and chair all meetings of the Committee and General Meetings of the Club and shall be responsible for reporting to the Membership at the Club’s AGM.

6.2  The Committee shall be composed of the Officers of the Club (plus a number of members without a specific role if desired by the Membership).

6.3  The Committee shall nominate representatives of the Club to attend Mountaineering Ireland General meetings to represent the views of the Membership and vote on behalf of the Club.

6.4  The Club Secretary shall be responsible for all correspondence relating to Club affairs and for giving notice of General and/or Committee meetings, and the writing and distribution of minutes from those meetings.

The Secretary shall give, at least 30 clear days notice of such a meeting and its agenda. Items for inclusion should be submitted at least 15 days prior to the AGM and communicated to the members at least 7 days before the AGM. (These time limits should be adjusted depending on the size and complexity of the Club and will be different for General and Committee meetings)

6.5  The Treasurer as well as account for all income and expenditure of the Club. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the payment of membership subscriptions to Mountaineering Ireland.

6.6       The Membership Secretary shall collect subscriptions, keep records of the Membership of the Club and report the details of members to Mountaineering Ireland as required. They will report on subscription received and payments made to the Treasurer.

Membership Secretary will ensure correct Mountaineering Ireland forms are complete by all members and will collect said form while liaising with Mountaineering Ireland.

6.7       The Meets Officer shall be responsible for, in conjunction with the Committee,  arranging indoor and outdoor meets and keeping membership notified of such meets.

6.8  The Committee shall have the power to co-opt additional non-voting members.

6.9  A quorum for a meeting of the Committee shall be half of the elected voting members rounded up to the next whole number. The Committee shall hold at least four meetings each year.


  1. Club subscriptions

7.1  There will be two levels of subscription for the Club

  1. Full rate – will applied to the first family member, adult or senior youth
  2. Reduced rate – will apply to subsequent family members, at the same address, either youth or adult.


7.2       A General meeting shall have the power to set membership subscription levels for the Club


  1. Rules of the club

8.1       A General meeting shall have the power to set Club rules. Such rules shall be in accordance with the articles of the Club’s Constitution and the policies of Mountaineering Ireland.

8.2       Any paid up member of the club is entitled to vote at General meetings.

8.3       Votes will be decided on a show of hands basis.


  1. Amendments to the constitution of the club

9.1  This Constitution may be amended by a two thirds majority of those present and voting at a General Meeting.  Notice of any proposed amendment must be delivered as per 6.4 above.

9.2       The Club rules may be amended by a simple majority of those present and voting at a General Meeting. Notice of any proposed amendment must be delivered as per 6.4 above.


  1. Dissolution of the club

10.1  The Club can be dissolved by two thirds majority vote carried out in accordance with Article 9 whereupon the Committee will arrange to discharge any assets equally amongst the Members (or donated to Charity, Mountaineering Ireland Environmental Defence Fund, Mountain Rescue etc.). Any liabilities at the time of dissolution shall be the joint responsibility of all Members.


Club Committee

Officers of the Club as elected at the inaugural meeting dated 27 November 2016 are as follows

Chair Rob Brown
Secretary Therese Flavin
Treasurer Imelda Buckley
Clubs Children’s Officer/Membership Hugh McLain
Meets/Equipment Officer Keith Johns
Awesome Walls Representative Dave Ayton




Rob Brown

Club Chairperson

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